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“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Viktor Frankl

Please note: I have limited spaces available. It is possible I am not able to help you and I will refer you to someone else.

Practical information

I work both in Dutch and English. 
I offer the psychotherapy on location, in Utrecht Terwijde, the Netherlands. (Free parking available and at walking distance from Utrecht Terwijde station.) 
My hourly rate is 100 euros per hour. Health insurance coverage is only available in certain cases. Please contact your insurance company to ask after the possibilities.

“I found my voice at the bottom of the paint can I used
to turn all your red flags white.”

Erin van Vuren

Jungian analytical psychotherapy

My guidance aims at creating more consciousness and soulfulness via:
– Analysis and processing of recurring patterns and problems in your life.
– Analysis of dreams, imagination and creativity. 

Depth psychotherapy is evidence based and positive effects have been proven in scientific research. Check:

The psychotherapy can help when you live with the feeling that you are stuck and you want to change, when there are things not going smoothly in your personal, social or working life, or if you are searching for self-insight, purpose, meaning and self-realization. 

For who?

Jungian analytical psychotherapy can help amongst other things when one experiences:

– attachment issues and development issues
– personality issues
– posttraumatic stress issues
– relationship issues
– mood issues, such depression or dysthymia 
– anxiety issues, for example social anxiety or general anxiety 
– identity issues 
– aging issues
– n
umbing, flattening
– overstraining, burn out, adaptivity issues 
– preverbal / early childhood issues
– pre- and perinatal issues 


“Anouk is a magician with words. She really turns something on with those. She creates a scene and I feel like Alice in Wonderland. It is as if she unfolds a life-sized book wherein I go on self-discovery.” May 2021

“For years I was disconnected with my feelings, until I went to Anouk. She helps me to slowly regain access to my feelings. Every session we return to the past in a special way. Often confronting, but it gives me so many new insights. I am more conscious of my feelings and I have learned ways how to embrace what I feel.” May 2021. 

“A year ago I read Anouk’s thesis. I could not really imagine how it worked. Until we analyzed one of my dreams. Then the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. The dream analysis grasped exactly how I felt, unconsciously. I thought that dream- and fantasy work was only for people who had been through something very horrible, but clearly that is not the case. Everyone has it.” – May 2021.

“Looking back on the sessions I have had, I can say that one thing has become very clear to me: everything matters. Really everything matters.” May 2021.

Psychotherapy is a bit the Voldemort of our time. People who are afraid of it don’t dare to call the beast by its name. And don’t be fooled: there is a lot of fear for psychotherapy. It is a meeting with yourself and change. That’s only reserved for the brave ones amongst us. Everyone who doesn’t dare to meet themselves stigmatizes psychotherapy and shames its clients. This is an ancient defence mechanism. Their problem, just leave it with them. Don’t forget: it is always easier to be busy with someone else’s problem than with your own. 

If you are stuck or have a problem this does not automatically mean that there is something very wrong with you. It means that something (or a lot) has happened and that you can use a push to get going again. Don’t mitigate what happened to you and know: we don’t decide what happens to us, but we decide what we do with it.  

Starting psychotherapy factually means only one thing: you have the courage to change. You decide you want to face it and heal. This is your choice. You do not have to explain to anyone but yourself your choice to work on yourself. Please listen to yourself and do what you feel you must do. 

Another request?

Do you not want to start an entire psychotherapeutic trajectory but are you looking for something else? Please get in contact and send me your question or idea. 
Samira’s is a network organization. I maintain contacts with different therapists and gladly help you if you have any questions. 

Want to reach out?

attachment issues and development issues
personality issues
posttraumatic stress issues
relationship issues
mood issues, such depression or dysthymia

Jungian Archetypal Psychology

social anxiety
general anxiety 
identity issues 
aging issues

numbing, flattening
overstraining, burn out, adaptivity issues
preverbal / early childhood issues
pre- and perinatal issues

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