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Samira's Jungiaanse Archetypische Psychologie


My name is Anouk Beijleveld and I am a Jungian, archetypal psychologist. 
Jungian, archetypal psychology is a depth psychology. It is a science that concerns itself with the working of the unconscious in humans. 

I can help you by creating consciousness and soulfulness via:
– Analysis and processing of recurring patterns and problems in your life.
– Analysis of dreams, imagination and creativity. 

I work via Socratic questioning. Questions that help you find your own truths in your own time. 

Because every human is unique. 

Therapy comes from the word therapeuein. This means ‘attend to’. I offer psychotherapy. So whatever your motivation may be to attend to your psyche: I help you gladly.

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Creating consciousness and soulfulness

Consciousness and soulfulness is acquired via an inner quest. The journey inside is one you have to make yourself. It is your responsibility and choice. It is a journey of finding and facing what is unconscious in you.

I can guide you on your journey of self-discovery.

You don’t have to make the journey alone. In my work with the armed forces I have experienced the value of having a buddy; someone who stands by you. Someone who supports you, in good ánd bad times. 
Besides, I have done my home work. Guiding someone means that I help a client based on my knowledge and experience. But most of all, of course, from human to human. During the journey we search for the roots of your problems and solve them from here.


We do this amongst others by translating the symbolical language of your unconscious – dreams, imagination and creativity – to the language our mind understands: words. Besides this, I help you become aware of the unconscious patterns in your life. Because: how can you fix something you are unconscious of? Everyone has a blind spot.                                                                               I’d be happy to help you change non-helping patterns that are hiding here.


Consciousness creates a choice and that makes it the key to change. 

“What a sad era when it is 
easier to smash an
atom than a
Albert Einstein

‘Floaty’ and ‘spiritual’ have become synonyms in the West. Floatiness is not my cup of tea. Spirituality is.  When the West renounced Christianity, she simultaneously banished spirituality. Ever since we are tormented by psychological problems. More and more Western people discover that religion and spirituality are not the same and that spirituality is an essential part of your life experience. Spirituality in this sense means nothing else than acknowledging that every human is unique and has their own inner experience. Pushing this inner experience away leads to self-alienation; connecting with it to self-realization. Soulfulness. “Doing things that give you energy”, is what we then say. In other words: discovering what is meaningful and purposeful to you. 

Jungian, archetypal psychology is a science that unites Western consciousness with Eastern spiritual wisdom to guide people to consciousness and soulfulness. 

Prepare yourself for ideas that may require some getting used to. Do you want to try to research them curiously first, like a real scientist, and draw your conclusions after that?

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attachment issues and development issues
personality issues
posttraumatic stress issues
relationship issues
mood issues, such depression or dysthymia

Jungian Archetypal Psychology

social anxiety
general anxiety 
identity issues 
aging issues

numbing, flattening
overstraining, burn out, adaptivity issues
preverbal / early childhood issues
pre- and perinatal issues

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