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Please note: I have limited spaces available. It is possible I am not able to help you and I will refer you to someone else.

Are you considering psychotherapy?

Before we start with psychotherapy, there are some key steps to take. 
Successful psychotherapy has two prerequisites:

  • You have to want it yourself.
  • You must have a click with the therapist. 

Trust usually requires some time, but you and I must have a click that can grow into this. Without trust psychotherapy doesn’t work. 

For that reason, we will always start with an open-ended acquaintance, before we make a choice. In this meeting we can look each other in the eye and sense how we feel about each other. Are mind, body and soul saying ‘yes’? Then we start the journey. 


“It’s ok not to know.
           It’s ok to rest through in betweens.
                     Until you don’t need the breaks.
                                     Until the view unfolds                                                                                                         Until resistance gives way.
                                                                  Until the road is clear.                                                                                                     The road will clear.”

Victoria Ericksons

“It’s ok not to know.
It’s ok to rest
Through in betweens.
Until you don’t
Need the breaks.
Until the view unfolds.
Until resistance
Gives way.
Until the road
Is clear.
The road will clear.”
Victoria Erickson

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attachment issues and development issues
personality issues
posttraumatic stress issues
relationship issues
mood issues, such depression or dysthymia

Jungian Archetypal Psychology

social anxiety
general anxiety 
identity issues 
aging issues

numbing, flattening
overstraining, burn out, adaptivity issues
preverbal / early childhood issues
pre- and perinatal issues

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