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Samira means ‘companion in evening conversations’. A friend for conversations without masks. The kind of conversations that belong under a night sky, next to a camp fire. Conversations full of wishes and dreams. The kind of conversations that we have had for centuries with the moon and the stars; the eternal light in the darkness. Conversations that light up faith. In which trust shines and the truth reveals itself. Conversations full of purity, realness and soulfulness. 

I will search where I was
too scared to look.
I will laugh in places
I have cried.
I will find strength
in the broken.
I will change
the narrative.

C.R. Elliot

About Anouk

I studied B.A. Creative writing and Journalism in London. Here I learned about creativity and the art of asking questions. After that I became a public affairs officer for the Dutch armed forces; a job wherein I can combine thinking with doing. My free hours I fill with writing fantasy fiction. Between 2018 and 2022 I did the MSc Psychology and studied Jungian, archetypal psychology. What was decisive for me? Working from experience. No floaty stuff, just get in (yourself). I don’t believe that I can become a good psychologist by (only) reading books on my couch. In the end: experience is the teacher of all things.


My mission is to help people progress by guiding them towards more consciousness and soulfulness, and in case needed to assist them in analyzing and healing problems. 

Every human is unique. My technique is therefore aimed at self-discovery. Via Socratic questions I try to guide someone towards self-insight and to help him or her discover their own truths and solutions. My guidance is characterized by the Jungian, archetypal angle of approach: together with the client I research what is unconscious and we work towards consciousness, the key to self-realization. I integrate philosophical insights and knowledge from other therapies. I see a human as a holistic creature and work on connecting mind, body and soul. I believe in: ‘Where there is a will, sooner or later a way will unfold.’ As psychologist I set myself the task of creating a safe environment in which the client feels the trust to freely discuss what keeps her or him busy. On top of that, I stimulate the client to make own choices and take own responsibility. My core values are: equality, safety, integrity and trustworthiness.  





Want to reach out?

attachment issues and development issues
personality issues
posttraumatic stress issues
relationship issues
mood issues, such depression or dysthymia

Jungian Archetypal Psychology

social anxiety
general anxiety 
identity issues 
aging issues

numbing, flattening
overstraining, burn out, adaptivity issues
preverbal / early childhood issues
pre- and perinatal issues

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